The OpenBSD Foundation

Donating to the Foundation

The OpenBSD foundation exists as a place where donations can be made to further OpenBSD, OpenSSH, and related software projects. We are a Canadian federally incorporated not-for-profit corporation, which means funds directed to us must be directed towards our stated objects, other than what we require for operating overhead. We endeavour to keep our overhead as small as possible.

We are not a registered charity, in the sense that we do not issue tax deductible receipts. The reporting overhead (accounting and legal costs) to operate a registered charity in Canada is prohibitive without a sizable revenue stream. Currently, this would divert a great deal of resources that could be better utilised in helping build good free software. We can issue receipts for donations which while not deductible as charitable donations in Canada may be used for accounting and/or tax purposes.

The Foundation will work in cooperation with the OpenBSD development team to ensure funds are applied to areas of greatest need - Normally this includes paying for infrastructure costs (networking) and for developer events for collaborative development effort (hackathons). See Here for a list of what we have been involved with recently, and our 2023 Fundraising Campaign

Single Donations via PayPal

For a one time donation in Canadian Funds:

For a one time donation in US Funds:

For a one time donation in Euros:

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers to the foundation work well but may take more time than Europeans are used to. Please send an email to when donating by bank transfer to make us aware of the transfer, and use our Bank Transfer Information to send the donation.

Monthly Donations via PayPal

Recurring Donations in CAD

Recurring Donations in USD

Recurring Donations in EUR

If you have a Recurring PayPal donation set up with us that you wish to cancel, you may do so here:

Sending Money via PayPal

If you are unable to use the donation buttons, but still wish to contribute via PayPal, funds may be sent directly to the foundation via PayPal using the address:

Donating through Benevity

The OpenBSD Foundation has been registered with Benevity which is used by the corporate employee dontaion matching programs. The Foundation's registration with Benevity can be found here.


Cheques are not a preferred method to donate as they are becoming more and more difficult to handle. Paypal or Bank Transfer is vastly preferred. Due to difficulties in processing cheques from foreign banks in non-canadian funds, such donations should be made by Paypal or Bank transfer. Cheques drawn on Canadian banks in Canadian funds may be mailed to:

  • The OpenBSD Foundation
    8101 160 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    T5R 2G9

Receipts will be issued on request for donations of $500 or more by cheque.