The OpenBSD Foundation

Our 2015 Fundraising Campaign

The OpenBSD Foundation needs your help to achieve our fundraising goal of $200,000 for 2015.

Reaching this goal will ensure the continued health of the projects we support, will enable us to help them do more, and will avoid the distraction of financial emergencies that could spell the end of the projects.

2014 was a very good year for the foundation financially, due to a number of unique events. A very public financial crisis at the start of the year generated extensive community support, and the releases of LibreSSL generated significant interest and support.

It is important for us not to rely on one time events for our success.

Our goal for 2015 is to increase the amount of support we offer for development, without compromising our regular support for the projects. We would like to:

To achieve our goal we need both Individual and Corporate sponsorship of the foundation. To put our goal in context:

As an individual or corporation, the best kind of donation we can receive is a recurring donation. This allows longer term planning on our part, instead of hoping for one time cash infusions. The easiest way for an individual to support us in this way is a recurring PayPal donation, which is our preference.

Donations to the foundation can be made on our Donations Page. We can be contacted regarding corporate sponsorship at