The OpenBSD Foundation

The OpenBSD Foundation - Funding for OpenBSD and related Projects

The OpenBSD Foundation is a Canadian not-for-profit corporation which exists to support OpenBSD and related projects such as OpenSSH, OpenBGPD, OpenNTPD, OpenSMTPD, LibreSSL, mandoc and rpki-client.

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What is the Foundation?

Formally, the corporation's objects are to support and further the development, advancement, and maintenance of free software based on the OpenBSD operating system, including the operating system itself and related free software projects.

What is the benefit?

The Foundation's support enables OpenBSD and related projects to move forward and pay the bills.

What do we need?

The Foundation needs contributions from Individuals and Companies to support its efforts. Please see our Donations Page for information on how to contribute.

Where do the funds go?

The Foundation uses all funds it receives to fund infrastructure costs for the projects, and developer events and initiatives - typically these are OpenBSD hackathons and other developer efforts. See our Activities Page for more details.